A guy and his wife are driving a car along a twisty road with a 55MPH limit. Cop pulls the guy over.
“Had you going about 70 in 55 back there,” says the cop.
“Not me,” says the guy, “Could be your radar picked up someone else or something, but my speedometer was set right on 55.”
Wife pipes up, “You were to going 70. I’ve told you 20 mile back you were going to get stopped if you didn’t slow down.”
“Shut up would ya!” mumbles the guy.
“Can I see your proof of insurance?” asks the cop.
“Sure, my card is right here in my wallet.”
Wife says, “That card’s no good and you know it. You haven’t paid the last premium and the company sent you a cancellation notice.”
“Damn,” yells the guy. “Would you shut the hell up for once”
“Ma’am,” says the cop, “Does this guy always talk to you like this?”
“Only when he’s been drinking.”

(sưu tầm)

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